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Home: Boarding


Each of our canine guests are lodged in his/her own clean, safe, spacious and comfortable, 4’ X 34’ or 4' X 15' chain link run with access to their climate controlled indoor quarters.

Your pet will be warm and cozy in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer, with ample room to run and play.

We also have multiple yards for them to explore twice daily while their run is being cleaned. We do not take the risk of letting your dog interact with other dogs without a fence between them! We offer a healthy atmosphere with personal attention to the needs of each pet. Your pet’s health is of paramount importance to us!

You can be confident that we take our responsibility to you and your pet seriously.

Cat boarding area

building front
image of the property

All pets are provided fresh water to drink, and are fed in the morning and/or evening as directed by you. While only a very small percentage of the pets staying at Pets and Moore ever have any medical problems, just as they might at home, we request that you give us your Veterinarian's information so that we can seek their advice or services if needed.


Pets and Moore was designed for the best of pet care, starting with its quiet country setting in San Marcos. You can request that your pet spend time in our play areas where they receive personal attention and a human playmate! If your pet is one of those who is not easily retrieved, however, please let us know.

We offer wading  pools in each run during those hot Texas days so your dog can play and stay cool. You can also arrange for us to take your dog swimming in our competition size pool next door at K9 Water World! Please visit our policies page for more detailed boarding information.

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Home: Grooming

Grooming Salon

*Award Winning Kennel* Experienced Groomers*

Grooming is booked by appointment only Monday-Friday

scottish terrior
grooming station
dog with groomer
dog having nails trimmed by the owner of Pets & Moore

Grooming prices vary depending on size of pet, condition of the hair, and type of grooming requested.

All grooming quotes include bath, nails cut and filed, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and if requested...a hair cut.

We do not offer hair cutting without baths.  

We do offer to do premium pet pedicures, basic nail trims and anal gland expressions without other services. 


Nail cut and file only (no bath) $14

    Anal Glands expressed (no bath) $14

 Please call if you have any questions on grooming prices.

To make an appointment please call: 512-754-7387

Home: Training
dog performing the lay down command
Pets and Moore School for Dogs banner
dog performing the high five command
dog in public store performing the down command

Our trainers here at Pets and Moore can help you and your dog build a lasting relationship through any one of our programs!

Which program is right for you and your dog?  

We can help you figure out what would be best starting with understanding how you learn and how your dog learns...  It is just as important to train the owners as much as the dog!

Give us a call for help in figuring out your next program!

512-754-7387 ext. 2

two dogs
caretaker walking a dog
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Barn Hunt Poster


Rent the barn for barn hunt training!

If you don't need a trainer, but just need rats, and the rat ring, you can now rent the barn!
Rental comes with a rat handler.

Call for more details.


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Home: Contact

Request Your Boarding
Reservation Today!


3006 FM621, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

If you are looking for a
grooming appointment please call 512-754-7387.

Interested in entering your dog in dock diving competitions? Click below to visit our registration page.

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