Dog Boarding: $32 for first canine in a run, $20 per additional canine in same run. 

Cat Boarding: $18 for first feline in cat condo, $9 per additional in same condo. 

Additional Fees: *Not neutered males and in-heat females will be an additional $4per day.

                      *Medication Administration $3-10 per day depending on frequency and                                                 method of administration. 

                       *Extra play/swim time $10 for first canine and $5 for each additional canine at                                      the same time, each time we take them out. Cost will increase on Thanksgiving day,                                Christmas day, and New Years.

                       Special Requests (Raw or refrigerated foods , clothing, etc.) $3-15/day depending on                              request. 



Grooming: Grooming prices vary depending on size of pet, condition of the hair, and type of grooming requested. All grooming quotes given include the hair cut (if requested), bath, nails cut and filed, anal glands expressed, and ears cleaned. We do not offer hair cutting without baths but we do offer to do premium pet pedicures, basic nail trims and anal gland expressions without other services. 

    Nail trim $10

    Anal Gland expression $10

    Premium Pet Pedicure $22-30; if being bathed/groomed with upgraded nail trim, grooming price plus $12-20. 


Group class: Six week course, meeting once per week for one hour. $180


Private class: Four week course, meeting once per week for one hour, one on one with the trainer. $250


*Group and private classes train sit, down, staying in sit and down, recall, loose leash walking, and greeting manners with other dogs and people.

Advanced Class: Six week course, meeting once per week for one hour. Builds on basic obedience. $180

Behavior modification: Meet for one hour to go over the information and exercises needed to mend specific bad behaviors. One week follow-up included. $150


Puppy Package: Seven week course, beginning under 5 months. 3 weeks of basic   obedience with emphasis on socialization. Return after 6 months of age for remaining 4 weeks of obedience training.$250


Board and Train:

2 weeks of boarding with obedience training, plus 3 required follow-up visits in the 3 weeks after boarding. $1600 ($800 due at time of drop off).

4 week of boarding with obedience training, plus 6 weeks after boarding. $2800 (1400 due at drop off) Most Popular!!

Follow ups- If you live 15 miles outside of San Marcos there will be a 55 cents per charge for the trainer to meet. We will calculate at time of boarding. 


Behavior Modification while boarding: If you are boarding your pet and would like us to work with them while here we will do so. 4 days of training minimum. $30 per day plus boarding cost.


Barn Hunt Private Lesson: 30 minutes per canine of Barn Hunt training $25 for 1 dog, $15 for each additional dog with the same owner


Dock diving and swimming: 30 minutes per canine is generally a sufficient  amount of time for the trainer. $30 per 30 minute session

Sport Evaluation: 30 minutes with the trainer, trying out barn hunt, dock diving and agility to see which your dog has the most interest in. $30