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School for Dogs FAQ

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Can my dog get training while boarding?

Yes! In fact, our boarding clients get a $20/day discount on training while they are staying with us. day training is $85/day and while your dog is boarding with us, you get it for $65/day!

Can I try all the sports you offer in 1 training session?


Option 1- When you sign up for a single private lesson (value $85) you can ask for a "sport evaluation" with a trainer to take your dog through 3 sports: Nosework, Barn Hunt, and Dock Diving.

Option 2- You may also request a "sport evaluation" while your dog is boarding with us. This entitles you to a $20 discount!

How do I know what training package is right for me?

We recommend starting with a private lesson or coming to our FREE Training Demonstration offered on the first Saturday of each month. You can bring your dog(s) to these demonstrations. Even bring the kids!

How do I register more than one dog for a Barn Hunt class?

If you wish to bring more than one dog to a barn hunt class, you can now purchase packages for up to three dogs per class! Explore our pricing plans in the Training Services section, select the package size you like, and then apply your credits to the "Barn Hunt Class" sessions of your choice!

Do you take aggressive dogs for training?

Absolutely! We know that there is a reason behind aggressive behavior and we want to help you get to the bottom of it so that your dog can live a peaceful, happy life without the stress they are most likely carrying.

What makes the Day Training and Board and Train so successful at Pets and Moore School for Dogs?

There is a secret to our success. Physical and mental exercise is critically important in the training or re-training of a dogs' skills. Our Certified Master Dog Trainers have put together a top tier system we have been using for over a decade with resounding success! To ensure the program is successful we include you in the later half of the training program with short, productive sessions aimed at solidifying the lessons learned.

Where will my dog stay during the during a 30 day Board and Train program?

We have two areas in our kennels; the Party Palace for bigger dogs, and the Chill Zone for smaller dogs. (Some of the littles think they belong in the Party Palace with the big dogs!) Each kennel is set up with an indoor/outdoor run, with access to the outside 24/7. The inside is climate controlled. Dogs are never with other dogs unless with a trainer!

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered in order to participate in your programs?

No! However, your dog will be limited to what dogs they can socialized with. This will be determined by the trainer assigned to your dog.

What if my dog is in heat?

We will postpone training until your dog's heat is complete and your vet says it's OK to be around other dogs.

How do I sign up?

Visit our website and click the "Book Training Online" tab on the right hand side of the menu bar. If you can't find what you are looking for, please reach out at 512-667-7338 which connects you directly to our training department.

Do you offer package deals on Barn Hunt classes?

Yes! Visit our website and select the "Book Training Online" tab in the menu bar. Then select the "Explore Our Pricing Plans" button. We offer a package of four credits for $100. Once you purchase a package you have three(3) months to use your credits which can be applied to any of the Barn Hunt classes with a value of $35. That's a $10 per class savings!

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