by Meghan Luna

I have been training dogs since a very early age. My mother is a dog trainer and every one of the dogs we owned were well  behaved with great manners. I’ve watched my mom and she has taught me how to connect with our pets in a positive way. Even  before becoming formally trained in dog training, I enjoyed helping people understand and work with their dogs. I have helped  many of my friends with their dogs and have enjoyed seeing the excitement on their faces when their dogs finally  do what is asked of them.

In August 2013 I started working at Pets and Moore Boarding and Grooming which has provided many opportunities for me to learn about the  characteristics and behavior of different breeds. My formal training at Animal Behavior College taught me many new training methods, all based on positive reinforcement. I do NOT use harsh correction, such as  pulling and tugging on the dogs neck. It is amazing how dogs respond to calm, corrective training methods.

I offer group classes, or if you prefer you may schedule private sessions by appointment. I can also work with your dog while  he/she is boarding (see below). This training is appropriate for any size or breed and will assist with any behavior problems you may be  experiencing.


1. Puppy/Adult Group Basic Obedience – 6 week class meeting weekly for 1 hour. Puppy class is for puppies 8 weeks – 6  months of age. $120

2. Private Basic Obedience – 60 minutes weekly for 4 weeks. $216

3. Behavioral Problems – Are you having a specific behavior problem with your dog? Come on out and spend an hour with me.  Price includes 1 week follow up. $80

4. Dock Diving – Meets weekly for 60 minutes for 2 weeks. Appropriate for dogs who enjoy swimming, doesn’t jump but shows  interest: $90. Or, if your dog enjoys swimming, doesn’t jump and shows no interest, this class meets twice weekly for 30  minutes for 4 weeks. $180

Board and Train Programs


Training with Focus on Obedience

This program is geared toward basic manners. Because your dog won’t be fully trained until you,  the owner, are trained to reinforce the commands your dog was taught, I will visit your home once per week for three weeks for follow-up visits after you pick your dog up from our facility.

This program is $1200.00 with wa payment plan available.  A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot. Please call for full details.

The obedience board and train program includes:

  • Boarding and training fees for 2 weeks
  • Leadership Exercises – Waiting for food, waiting at doorways and loose leash walking, which helps your dog know his place in your family.
  • Basic Manners – Sit, down, stay, recall, socializing, calming exercises and targeting. These commands are perfect to make your dog the best companion you could ask for!
  • A written guide listing all the commands your dog learned and how to break them down to continue training at home.
  • Three home follow up visits.  These 1 hour weekly visits will assure your understanding of the training method to guarantee your dog’s success!

Training with Focus on Behavioral Issues

Does your dog need extra attention with certain commands?  While you board your dog at our facility he/she will receive training for 30 minutes a day with a goal of resolving these issues.

This program is $25.00 on top of your boarding fee. You can ask for theses services as you drop off for boarding. If your dog needs all the obedience commands, please review our 2-week training program and see if that may interest you.

Some behavioral issues include

  • Sit, Down, Recall, walking on a leash, Stay
  • Jumping, digging, chewing, biting, nipping, socializing
  • Or any other behaviors your creative dog might cook up.

Puppy Class Package

Puppy brains don’t retain a lot of information at one time, so this package is ideal for your 5-month-old or younger puppy because this class focuses on what your pup needs currently in its life.

This package is $250.00 for three weekly one hour training classes and a 4-week class of obedience when your puppy turns 6 months of age.

Package includes:

  • Puppy Behaviors- Help make the puppy stage more enjoyable by teaching them to be house trained, how to be on leash, how to stop nipping, biting, chewing, jumping, and more.
  • Leadership Exercise- Loose leash walking, waiting at doorways and waiting for food. These help your puppy understand his role in your family. You become the pack leader.
  • Socializing- Let your puppy meet other puppies and learn how to play appropriately. Also learn “Dog emotions and behaviors” to help avoid dog fights.
  • Sit and Lay Down- Learning these two early on gives you more control of your puppy while you wait for your obedience classes to begin.

When your Puppy Turns 6 Months Old

Hopefully everyone in class will come back at the same time to progress together and have more fun! In this 4-week class we will meet weekly for an hour.

We will learn Obedience, which includes:

  • Sit and Down- Advanced and weaning off treats.
  • Advanced Loose Leash Walking- Really work this and make it perfect.
  • Recall- Your dog comes to when called. We learn these with three fun games.
  • Stay- You place your dog in a sit or down and ask them to “Stay”. They don’t move from that spot until you tell them otherwise.
  • Calming Exercises- This is a great exercise to teach your dog. If you ever need to clip his leash to something so you can use two hands, you will know your dog will sit or lay down calmly waiting for you to finish. It’ll help cut the whining, barking or being uneasy.
  • Targeting- Giving your dog a target to follow to eventually teach him to side swing. If your needing your dog to sit next to you, instead of you doing all the moving around, you clap your leg and your dog spins around and sits facing the same direction as you.
  • Socializing- You can’t ever get enough socializing in your dog’s life span. Plus, your dog is older now and they have new thoughts and views and it’s always good to reteach those sociable skills.

$150.00 is due at your first half of class (puppies 5-months or younger).  $50.00 of this is your deposit to hold a spot for your second half of class (puppies 6-months and up). This will be nonrefundable. An additional $100 will be due at the second half of this package. Please call for scheduling and more information.

Scheduling Group or Private Classes

A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit will be due the day you make your appointment to hold your spot. We can take credit cards over the phone or you have 24 hours to come by the office and make your deposit or your spot will be reopened.

Missing Classes

  1. I understand life happens. To avoid being charged $25, please give at least 12 hours notice if you cannot attend a class.
  1. If you pay for your class and reschedule every week or only come in for two weeks of training, and your class graduates, your payment will not transfer to a new class. If you still need training, you will be responsible for paying another class fee. Your dog will benefit with weekly practices, so please make sure it’s a time frame you can manage. 

Don’t put up with behavioral issues any longer – call us to schedule your training and strengthen the bond between you and your dog!


I have a new dog thanks to Meghan at Pets and Moore. My dog, Bonnie was just over a year old and had some bad habits. I was afraid it would be hard to change her behavior because of her age. I was happy to find that Pets and Moore had a trainer (Meghan). In a one hour session, Meghan gave me some great, no nonsense advice that helped me get Bonnie well on the road to being the wonderful dog I hoped she could be. The things I learned were easy to do and easy to remember. Most importantly, they really worked! I can’t say enough good things about Meghan as a trainer and of Pets and Moore in general. I highly recommend her and them. Thanks Y’all! Andrew Mazack

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