by Meghan Luna

I have been training dogs since a very early age. My mother is a dog trainer and every one of the dogs we owned were well  behaved with great manners. I’ve watched my mom and she has taught me how to connect with our pets in a positive way. Even  before becoming formally trained in dog training, I enjoyed helping people understand and work with their dogs. I have helped  many of my friends with their dogs and have enjoyed seeing the excitement on their faces when their dogs finally  do what is asked of them.

In August 2013 I started working at Pets and Moore Boarding and Grooming which has provided many opportunities for me to learn about the  characteristics and behavior of different breeds. My formal training at Animal Behavior College taught me many new training methods, all based on positive reinforcement. I do NOT use harsh correction, such as  pulling and tugging on the dogs neck. It is amazing how dogs respond to calm, corrective training methods.

I offer group classes, or if you prefer you may schedule private sessions by appointment. I can also work with your dog while  he/she is boarding. This training is appropriate for any size or breed and will assist with any behavior problems you may be  experiencing.


1. Puppy/Adult Group Basic Obedience – 6 week class meeting weekly for 1 hour. Puppy class is for puppies 8 weeks – 6  months of age. $120

2. Private Basic Obedience – 60 minutes weekly for 4 weeks. $216

3. Behavioral Problems – Are you having a specific behavior problem with your dog? Come on out and spend an hour with me.  Price includes 1 week follow up. $80

4. Dock Diving – Meets weekly for 60 minutes for 2 weeks. Appropriate for dogs who enjoy swimming, doesn’t jump but shows  interest: $90. Or, if your dog enjoys swimming, doesn’t jump and shows no interest, this class meets twice weekly for 30  minutes for 4 weeks. $180

Don’t put up with behavioral issues any longer – call us to schedule your training and strengthen the bond between you and your dog!


I have a new dog thanks to Meghan at Pets and Moore. My dog, Bonnie was just over a year old and had some bad habits. I was afraid it would be hard to change her behavior because of her age. I was happy to find that Pets and Moore had a trainer (Meghan). In a one hour session, Meghan gave me some great, no nonsense advice that helped me get Bonnie well on the road to being the wonderful dog I hoped she could be. The things I learned were easy to do and easy to remember. Most importantly, they really worked! I can’t say enough good things about Meghan as a trainer and of Pets and Moore in general. I highly recommend her and them. Thanks Y’all! Andrew Mazack

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